Friday, October 8, 2010

Orange Chiffon Cake

When i started learning to bake a chiffon cake, i thought it was pretty easy..quite straight forward and no complicated steps and most of them turned out quite well. I tried baking one last week , having not baking this cake for such a long time and to my suprise, the cake flopped! It didnt rise up well, looks like half dead.. i didnt know what went wrong..i checked the expiry date of my baking, still long to be due..then i suspected probably the folding part of the egg whites into the batter was probably not gentle i made another one..same thing happened. I read the the instructions again and i realised that i didnt invert the cake tin while cooling. I'm not really sure is that the cause of that ..i havent really checked from other blogger's recipes if they need to invert the tin. So the chiffon cake that i posted here is my 3rd one which was finally successful, very soft and rise up really well.

Ingredients A
6 egg yolks
40gms sugar
1/2 tsp salt
4 tbsp corn oil
70mls fresh orange juice
110gms plain flour,sifted
1/2 tsp double action baking powder, sifted

Ingredients B
6egg whites
1/2 tsp cream of tartar
65gms sugar

1.Beat egg yolks, sugar and salt with a hand whisk until thick and pale.
2. Add in the corn oil and orange juice. Then add in the flour and baking powder and mix until smooth. Leave aside.
3. Combine wgg whites and cream of tartar and whisk until slightly thick , add in the sugar and continue whisking until stiff peaks.
4.Fold in the egg whites into the egg yolks mixture, pour into a chiffon cake pan.
5.Bake in an preheated oven 140C-145C for 45 mins.
6.Remove from oven and invert cake tin and let cool, probably around 4 hours before removing from tin.


  1. Ellerinize, emeğinize sağlık. çok leziz ve iştah açıcı görünüyor.


  2. Lena, the orange chiffon looks nice and tall! Very soft and fluffy too. ;)

  3. Lena...practice makes perfect for you :) I love chiffon but each time I make them, the rise up nice...tall and fluffy but the moment it cooled down it shrink....I managed to bake a successful chiffon but the rest looks shrunken. I guess it is the way we beat up the egg white and the folding is important. I have yet to master it :( but have to practice more ofter to be successful :)

    Yours looks great.....awesome tall and fluffy. It must be delicious too :)

  4. Lena
    Yes, you need to invert the cake immediately upon removing from the oven. So far my chiffon cakes turned out quite well except for the Blueberry yoghurt chiffon. Tried this 3 times, it rose but upon cooling, there's a 'waist' at the side and a dense streak at the bottom. Think I should try with fresh blueberries. I did it with the glace blueberries but then I washed off the syrup, pat dry and dusted them with some flour too. But you finally got it right, good job! It looks so soft and moist.

  5. hey fuat gencal, sorry i'm unable to read your language but thanks for dropping by here.

    hbs/elin/cheah, thanks for the comments and tips!

  6. happy belated birthday to you. did you bake yourself a nice cake?

  7. thank you, mtc. No, i did not bake myself a cake, just sit and relax at home.