Monday, October 4, 2010

Honey Wholemeal Rolls

here's another bread recipe from the book, "孟老师的100道麵包", the bread was soft on the first two days and turning hard on the 3rd day. Honey was added to this recipe for extra flavour, however if we do not like the flavour of the honey, no problem omitting it. Notice that the rolls are slightly different colour , it's because i baked this in 2 separate ovens.

Ingredients A:
wholemeal flour 130gm
high protein flour 95gm
instant yeast 4gm ( 1tsp)
water 150gm

Ingredients B:
high protein flour 95gm
salt 1/2 tsp
honey 25gm
water 50gm
unsalted butter 15gm
black sesame seeds 2 tbsp

1. Mix all of the ingredients A with a mixer at low speed until dough is formed. Cover and let ferment for 90mins.
2.Mix ingredients A and B together with a mixer and beat till smooth dough is form.
3. Add in the unsalted butter , continue beating till dough is shiny , add in the black sesame seeds.
4.Let the dough ferment for 2nd time for 60mins.
5. Remove dough. Here you can weigh the dough and divide into sizes you want. I used a chiffon pan and i divide into 8 pieces at 68gm each . Let rest for 15mins.
6. Shape into balls and place it into a lightly greased pan and let rest for 70mins.
7 If using a bread loaf tin, bake in a preheated oven at 200Cfor upper fire and 210C for lower fire for 30mins. I bake mine using chiffon pan at 190C for 18mins.


  1. Lena...I love bun making when my kids were around ...almost everyday :p now I seldom make them , but looking at your healthy bun, you have inspired and ignited my passion for making them again.

    Btw this recipe book is in Mandarin ? You bought it from Popular? What is the name of the book in English? Would like to get a copy :) Wow..shooting you with so many questions LOL!

  2. elin, yes, this book is 100% in chinese, there's is no english name..err if we translate probably want to say" the 100types of bread making by Meng lao shi" sounds so funny lah!i have this book in front of me now, let me give you the book code so you can check with the staffs. it is 978-986-7609-97-7. Yeah, got it from popular bookstore.

  3. At first I thought you just didn't want to give out the title of the book, until I read the comments.
    Thanks for the recipe though and look forward to trying.

  4. It does look really soft. I don't think the type of bread I make will last that long though. Usually, they're gone before a few days too, I'm not patient enough to see how long they will last.

    I can't wait until the day I can understand Chinese cookbooks. (at least most of the words. :)

  5. Lena...I was hoping that it is bi-lingual...haih this book is popular in Singapore. I see a lot of Singaporean blogger make buns from this book. Thanks ...will check it out at Popular. If I managed to get the book, and I will need you to translate for me certain ? 2nd para what ingredients...LOL! but now I will try out your recipe first :) Thanks for the code...easier to ask them to order for me if out of stock.

  6. elin/esther, i'm not too good at chinese too, i cant read word by word but i can more or less guess what's it's writing..elin, infact there are some ingredients in the book which i dont know what's problem to translate it for me and also there's a cd inclusive..just make sure it's there.
    medifast coupons, thanks for visiting.

  7. Do you think it will matter if I substitute the butter with vegetable oil? My daughter is lactose intolerant, so need to avoid butter...

  8. yeong seong, yes, you can substitute the butter with vegetable oil, you can use lesser oil here, around 10gms