Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Egg tarts

I love egg tarts and so far i think one of the best egg tarts i have eaten  is the one found in one of the local
markets here in Ipoh., it is the flaky and crispy type of pastry just like the one that we usually eat in the Dim Sum restaurant.Unfortunately, i do not know how to make that..this is a much simpler version that i made but still i have not really master the technique of baking egg tarts. I cant really get a smooth surface as you can see from the photos, taste not bad  but still far from the one from the market. I got this recipe from a baking class which i attended xxx years ago..actually from 2 different baking classes, skin from one recipe and the filling from another recipe..so there's some balance of the filling left. By the way, I feel like I've been watching the entire baking process in the oven to ensure not to be overbaked but still it got slightly brown on the edges of the filling.

Ingredients for skin:
Butter 190gm, softened
Flour 225gm
Custard Powder 75gm
Sugar 60gm
1 egg

1. Just mix all the ingredients together into a pastry and place pastry into tarts moulds.

Ingredients for filling:
Boiling water 200gm
Sugar 150gm
Egg 5 nos
Fresh milk 250gm

1.Preheat oven at 200C for 15mins
2. Dissolve sugar in boiling water, let cool, add egg and fresh milk. Do not beat, just stir and mix.
3.Strain the mixture and pour into the tart mould. Bake at 180C for 25mins or until cooked.


  1. wow, your egg tart look like those selling outside, well done.

  2. Beautiful egg tarts...like those sold at famous dim sum shop :) Great job and using two teachers recipe to make one egg tart is brilliant ! :)

  3. Wow Lena, your egg tarts look fabulous!Thank you so much for sharing it.
    Goodnight, Kristy

  4. They look perfect! You also got them out all in one piece, that wasn't always the case for me. To tell you the truth, I didn't notice the "brown" edges until you pointed them out. Maybe they browned because there was a high sugar content in the filling and it was on the edge.

  5. Gosh Lena, they look good like those from Choy Kee, Kg Simee. Will definitely KIV this! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Also, how many egg tarts did you get from the above recipe? Perhaps can reduce the filling recipe to fit in with the pastry recipe so as not to have any balance?

  7. thanks everyone..i'm flattered!
    and cheah, i only made half of the skin recipes, came to about 10 tarts. I followed exactly the fillings as i was afraid that it might affect the texture of the filling

  8. i've never made egg tarts n these look perfect n yummy! you are a great cook:)))

  9. hi terri, thanks for dropping by..no,no i'm not a great cook..you have not seen the ones that ended up in the rubbish bin!

  10. hi lena..wow, these r beautiful..i think m gonna make this soon..thanx for sharing...

  11. hi jun, let me know if you hv made them, i hope you like this! happy baking!!

  12. Hihi,

    this is a great recipe...and it's really easy and using short time to make. My son love egg tart that's y i have to try to make my own at least once for two days.

    However, i have some problem in making the skin, it seems like more "watery" for the skin pastry and quite hard for me to "shape"... Can you advise me what is going wrong?

  13. hi moon, do you mean the dough is a little wet? maybe you can try adding 1/2 egg instead and let the dough chill in the fridge for about 30mins before shaping it.