Thursday, October 14, 2010

Coconut and Cranberry Cookies

Have not been making cookies ever since Chinese New Year. Sometimes i think baking cookies a little tedious for me the moment those cookies got into the oven partly due to the oven that i have, it's not a big oven so most of the time i cant follow exactly the temperature and duration stated on the recipes and  also have to switch trays up and down to check most of the time. I have this book" 1 Dough 100 cookies" for about probably more than a year but i only started trying out a recipe now. There's one good thing about the book is that most of the recipes do not require baking powder or baking soda to make cookies..just very basic ingredients. I think i will make more cookies from this book in future and share the recipes with all.

225gm/8oz butter, softened
140gm/5oz caster sugar
1 egg yolk, lightly beaten
2 tsp vanilla extract
280gm/10oz plain flour
40gm/1.5oz dessicated coconut
60gm/2 1/4 dried cranberries
a little salt

1. Preheat oven to 190C/375F and line tray with parachment paper.
2.Put the butter and sugar into a bowl, mix well and beat in egg yolk and vanilla extract.
3.Sift together the flour and pinch of salt into the mixture, add the coconut and cranberries and stir until thoroughly combined.
4.Scoop up tablespoons of the dough and place onto baking tray , spaced well apart.
5.Bake for 12-15 mins or until golden brown. Leave to cool for 5-10mins, then transfer to wire racks to cool completely. ( i baked mine at 170C for around 35mins )


  1. Nice and simple. The cookies are very cute. You mentioned that the good thing about the book is baking soda/powder isn't needed. Is baking soda/powder bad for your health? If so, why? Thanks.

  2. Lena...great cookies. I love the two ingredients together. Great combo actually :) The coconut will give the cookies great fragrant :) mmmm send some over..I am drooling while working and salivating and at the same time hungry too :p

    Dun let my boss read this...but anywhere I am a multi tasker ! LOL!

  3. I love your cookies! very buttery taste. I'm in the cookie making mood too....still planning! haha... Don't know which to start first! Just too many of them. Hope you're enjoying your day, Lena.
    Cheers, Kristy

  4. Hey Lena, you are doing very well. Great cookies, yup, good for CNY 2011!

  5. These cookies look nice. Are they crispy or chewy type? thanks

  6. thanks everyone. esther per your question, i'm no expert in explaining but i know that baking powder/soda is a kind of chemical agents and most of them contains aluminium which could linked to other diseases later on..of course they are talking in bigger quantities. For more detailed explanation, it's better to google it from the internet.
    yummy koh - it's the crispy type.

  7. Thanks for teaching me something new, Lena. :) I will try not to use it as much now. I also researched a bit and I found this:

  8. Now, I have both cpconut and cranberries on hand right now. My girls have been w/o cookies for quite a while. But my baking mood is very very low lately. When the mood sets in, I'll do this.

    About baking powder and baking soda,
    It's the baking powder that has aluminium, baking soda doesn't have. But if one has hypertension, the sodium content in baking soda has to be taken in consideration of total sodium consumed in the day.

  9. thanks wendy for this bit of info