Monday, September 13, 2010

Mango Mousse Cake

This is a cake made for a friend. It's a sponge cake layered with mango mousse filling. I find that this sponge cake recipe is really good as the sponge cake always turn out to be very soft. Though it can be a little more time needed to make a layered cake, it's really worth the effort especially if you re making it for someone's birthday or to your loved ones.

There wont be any photos of how the cake looks like inside because i'm not supposed to cut the cake. Usually i will use chokonnan mangoes as i find them really nice and cheap. The below recipe calls for 10inch cake tin, so it's quite a large cake. If you want to try making this cake for your family, you can make half of this recipe for the filling but not for the sponge cake. I dont think we can make half of the sponge cake recipe, i dont know how it will turn out. So normally if i want to bake a smaller cake, i will probably bake this in a 6" or 7" pan and then the extra batter just bake it in smaller cups..if you do not want to waste the batter. Also a reminder that fresh mangoes can also turn brown very fast, maybe in 2 days, so the mangoes that i used for decoration, I put some glaze on it so prevent it from turning brown so fast...otherwise we can brush it with a little bit of lemon juice. But either way, it will still turn brown. Otherwise, we can also use mango pie filling as topping for the decoration...or any other way you like.

 Sponge cake recipe:
 Ingredient A
 3 large eggs yolks
 1 1/2 oz sugar
 3 1/2 oz water
 1 oz corn oil
 4 oz superfine flour
 3/4 tsp soda bicarbonate

 Ingredient B
 3 large egg whites
 3/4 tsp cream of tartar
 1 1/2 oz sugar

1. Mix all of ingredient A till smooth. Set aside.
2. Beat egg whites and cream of tartar from ingredient B on high speed. After 2 mins, add sugar , continue beating till stiff
3. Pour the mixture of (1) into (2) and fold gently. Bake in a moderate oven for 45 mins or until cooked.
4. Overturn cake to cool.
5. After cool, slice cake into two separate layers

Mango mouse filling
3 1/2 oz full cream milk
1 egg yolk
1 Tbsp gelatine
50gms white chocolate
5 oz non diary whipping cream
200gm mangoes, cut into cubes

1. Sprinkle gelatine over full cream milk, let it soak probably for 5 mins, then add egg yolk and double boil.
2. Keep stirring and continue double boil until gelatine dissolves
3. Turn off fire and add in the white chocolates
4. Let it cool.
5. After gelatine mixture is cool, whisk up the whipping cream till medium stiff . Slowly pour the gelatine mixture inti the cream , put in mangoes and stir to combine.
6. Pour the filling mixture onto one layer of the sponge cake, then top it up with another slice of sponge cake.Chill and let it set.
7.For finishing, we can cover the cake with fresh cream or any way you prefer.


  1. Lena, I made a comment earlier but where was it now! Anyway, your mousse cake looks very very yummy and I adore the mango flavour especially. Next time, must show me the sliced piece huh! haha... Even yummier if I can see the layering. Enjoy your day.
    Cheers, Kristy
    p/s the same thing happened to Cheah's blog!

  2. kristy, dont know lah..i think i got the same problem with cheah's blog too.

  3. Lena,
    How did you slice those mangoes so so nicely??
    I dread using chokanen for garnish. Maybe I used too ripe ones and they turn brown in just 8 hours in the fridge, even when brushed with gelatin. I have better luck with golden lily mangoes.

  4. use a sharp knife, ha!! yes, u r right, for garnishing, i'll try not to use the very ripe usually if i want to give this to someone, i'll wait until the very last minute then only i do the decoration. Golden lily? i might want to try that too one day.

  5. Hi is this sponge cake recipe can be steam instead of bake?

  6. hi anonymous, no i dont think so, this recipe is mainly for baked sponge cakes, the result of this is still very light and fluffy.

  7. hi. do you think u can convert the "oz" used in the recipe into "grams"?

  8. dear anonymous, you can easily convert the oz into grams here:

  9. WOW! I can never slice my mangoes so neatly like this!! What an amazing cake! :D I wonder how you do it... haha.. I should go look up youtube now

  10. Hi, great looking cake, I am sure it tastes wonderful. Question, 4 oz. of flour produces such a tall cake, looks at least 3 inches high. Thanks.