Saturday, September 11, 2010

Cinnamon Roll

I have seen quite of number of bloggers talking about making bread using the 65C Tangzhong method or the water roux method that you call that and received so many good reviews on that. I thought, hey, i must try this method since everybody says that it is so good . The cooking part of the flour and water is easy but the handling of the dough is tough, i must admit i have a difficult time handling the dough from the beginning to the end, it was sticky and i just find it messy myself doing that , from time to time i have to flour my palms and at the same time to avoid overflour my dough. But the result is ...yes! fantastic! Real super soft i understand why this method is so welcomed by fellow bloggers..couldnt agree more.

I must thank Happy Home Baking for sharing this recipe in her blog. She is so detailed explaining the way you go about doing this. Click here for full recipe and explanation.