Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Baked Mixed Nuts Mooncake

Today is the celebration of Mid Autumn Festival or just simply we call it Mooncake Festival. As I'm writing this, i could hear the children staying opposite my house playing fire crackers..that's what some children will do on this day, the smaller kids maybe playing with the "tanglung" or lantern and i remember my neighbour hosted a party in their house two years ago to celebrate this occasion. So today i'm going to post on the last batch of mooncakes that i'm making that is the mixed nuts baked mooncake. It's really convenient now that the bakery shops are selling the mixed nuts altogeter in one packet that you dont have to source individually for the ingredients.

Overall, i think these mooncakes taste good but i got a little disappointed that it doesnt look as great as i was expecting. It's not brown enough and one mistake that i did was i applied too much egg wash on the mooncakes surface which distorted the patterns on the surface..therefore the prints looked rather blur. So i shall remember this point the next time i make year.

Ingredients for mooncake skin
corn oil 2oz
golden syrup 4.5oz
alkaline water 1/4 tablespoon
hong kong flour 7oz

1.Mix all the ingredients and keep 8-10hours
2.Measure out balls of 35gms each and keep aside.

For filling
Olive kernels 60gm, lightly roasted
melon seeds 60gm, lightly roasted
white sesame seeds 75gm, lightly roasted
walnuts 70gm, lightly roasted, chopped small
south almonds 70gm, lightly roasted, chopped small
orange biscuit (kat paeng) 2 pieces
candied winter melon 75gm, chopped small
rose wine 1/2 tablespoon
corn oil 1/8 cup
sugar 25gms
rose sugar 1 tablespoon
koh fun 60gm
water 5oz

1. Mix all ingredients of filling and squeeze to form into balls of 120gms each
2.Wrap filling into mooncake skin and press onto mooncake mould.
3. Bake in a preheated oven at 180C for 5-8 mins
4.Remove and brush with egg wash (1 beaten egg) and bake for further 15mins
5. Cool a bit and brush with little egg wash again.


  1. Happy Mid Autumn Festival! I have never seen mooncakes that were round like that before. They look very pretty. I think you don't need to worry about their mooncake skin color. This type of mooncake also happens to be my favorite mooncake. I have a few questions though. What is golden syrup, alkaline water? Also, can I use vegetable oil instead? That's a lot of filling ingredients! Great job on the mooncakes.

  2. Yummy!!! They look great to me. Did your girls play with lanterns last night?

  3. hello esther, golden syrup is a kind of sugar syrup, very similiar looking to honey, it can be easily found in our bakery ingredient shop here. Some cakes do need this ingredient..try Lyle's golden syrup, this is quite popular but expensive here..i'm sure you can get it fr the marts there. As for alkaline water, it just looks like plain water and usually we add that to thicken the texture a bit.oh yeah, you can replace that with vegetable oil.

    WH, already no lanterns for them for the past 2 years.

  4. They look delicious. When I made mine, nutty Shanghai mooncakes, I didn't chop up the almonds (the shopkeeper told me, not to, must be whole, so it was difficult to cut, must chop them up next year!!

  5. cheah, oh really? i wonder if they usually come in whole? i havent bought this since i started learning baking mooncakes.

  6. Hi! I'm new here. I'd never heard of using olive kernels before, didn't know they were edible. Do you have to buy specific ones, or cook them somehow? I thought they were too hard to eat... Thanks!

  7. hi bookwench, the olive kernels that we bought from here usually comes from china and they look quite similiar to melon seeds, a little bit thicker which i believe already gone thru the processing stage. I rarely see shops here selling olive kernels on normal days..only during the mooncake festival, we dont really have to cook them, just toast slightly.

  8. OH MY§ I'm facinated by all your mooncakes . They're so Gorgeous!