Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A Poem ...for Malaysians

31st Aug 1957 a new nation was born
Malaysians have all come together
Celebrating a country they can call "our own"
And a place that they can also call home.

There were joy in their faces
Whether black, yellow, red or brown
It didnt really matter
Cos it was the freedom and unity that counts.

53 years have passed
Prosperity and harmony have come a long journey
Sad to see that 'racism' is also stepping in
Slowly hijacking the glory and peace of our country.

Some say that this word is dirty
That it pollutes our mind and body
To me, it's also like poison
 Gradually killing one country.

We might be yellow, brown, black or white
But we are all still the same
For it is the red blood that is flowing inside us
And that one heart that hold us all together.

So let's hold hands and love one another
For our children and a better future
Put an end to racism
And be as 1Forever.


  1. Lena Lena...such a beautiful poem ! You not only can bake but you can write beautiful poem too. Our PM should read this poem :) I sokong 1Forever!

  2. well done. didn't know you can write poems..hehehheeh. our beloved malaysia is not like it used to be.

  3. elin, if our PM can be easily reached, i'll send over this to him now.

    wh,i dont write poems frequently..well, it depends..or maybe sometimes you have a message to tell but it's hard to write it in forms or story so maybe poem is a good idea.

  4. lena
    Gosh, you are so versatile, can write poems and can bake too. I tried to go into the Comments for your mooncakes but there's no access.

  5. Dear Lena,

    I'm glad I am going through your archives for that's the reason I found this beautiful poem you wrote. You really ought to write more... And I mirror your sentiments. :)

  6. hi kenny, why are you so free today? this is a kindergarten poem. i cant really write,i hv limited eng vocab but i'm learning so much from you and always enjoying what you write.