Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Chilled Mooncakes

Below is a small recipe. This mooncake mould of mine carries about 85gms and yields about 7 mooncakes.
I actually made 2 batches. The 1st batch is wrapped with red dragon fruit filling and the 2nd batch is wrapped with black sesame filling with a bit of pandan juice. I wouldnt say that the result is excellent but acceptable.can give to it friends.I actually find that the skin is probably not soft know, this once-a-year thing.. kind of forget how should a soft dough be..

Ingredients for Pingpi skin:

50gm cooked glutinuous flour(sifted)
30gm shortening
60gm water
50gm icing sugar(sifted)
Drops of colouring can be added into water

For filling:
350gm red dragon fruit filling
15gm toasted melon seeds

1.Combine filling together, shape into rounds at 50gm each. Set aside
2.For skin,combine flour and sugar together, then add in shortening and water. Mix and work into soft dough. Weigh at 35gm each. Shape into rounds, flatten it and wrap in filling and place it in a dusted mould.
3.Knock out or press firmly depending on your moulds and chill.

Note: Depends on our mould, i work on the ratio of 40% skin weight and 60% filling weight.


  1. They look very good to me, Lena! But to me, the filling at 28 rgt/kg it's a bit pricey, but I suppose there isn't or very much less preservative. Making your own is very, very tedious. Have a great day!

  2. wow, you are really good WF. you make mooncakes too? too bad i'm in kl. if not...i can try some of your lovely mooncakes :)

  3. Welcome to the blogging world!! I hope you will have lots of fun baking, cooking and sharing your experiments with everyone. Your moon cakes looks great and nice! Look forward to read more on your posting!

  4. Early celebration for moon cake festival and moon cakes look nice.

  5. You are fast, I've not even bought my ingredients yet.

  6. hi blessed homemaker, the malls over here already started selling mooncakes in July and when i saw those pretty mooncakes, i thought i better get started too.

  7. Hi patricia, this is another kind of mooncake that needs no baking, no cooking, just make the skin, wrap the filling in it and chill.

  8. Just browsing thru your recipe again (still got some paste in the fridge)... is it only 50 gm kao fun for this pingpi mooncake??

  9. hi cheah,'s only 50gms for this small if your mooncake mould carries more weight, you might want to double the recipe.Also i was talking about the skin not soft enough..see if you may want to add more water.